Sleepy Gonzales is four sad goofballs writing, recording, and sharing original music. They pride themselves on their ability to go from lulling themselves into collective daze with Beach House inspired dream pop jams, to violently shaking the walls/floors of their practice space with loud, uninhibited garage punk pandemonium -- and a great deal in between.  Allyson, frontwoman supreme, excels most in her attention-demanding live performance while retaining powerful melodic vocal capability. The twins, Beni (drums) and Cristian (guitar) are the primary songwriters -- the competitive and sometimes spite-fueled nature of their brotherhood has kept them writing voraciously since adolescence. Nick (bass) has been snowballing the explosive element that he's added to the band since joining in late 2017.  

TL;DR A bunch of Bright Eyes / Cherry Glazerr wannabees


The lady up front -- eyeing you down at any of our shows -- lead singer most of the time -- real-life diva -- the lime to your tequila -- fanciest dancer around -- saving animals on a daily basis -- compassionate queen -- girl of your dreams -- your worst nightmare. 

Ask me about: meditation, spicy vegan recipes, youtube yoga channel recommendations,  reading. 

Things I might ask you about: impulsive traveling, signature dance moves, tattoo ideas.

If anyone ever wants to talk or go to the beach at night send me a message. Human connection is a beautiful thing. I'm here for everyone <3

Favourite Album Right Now: Ten Captivating Stories ~~ Better Oblivion Community Center


One of the most important things that any of this means to me is making an attempt to connect with others. Since I had my first mp3 player (circa 2005) which only held -- 200 songs, I've  felt most deeply connected to the songwriters of the music I listened to, often more so than to the people I knew in real life. Since then, all I ever want to talk about is music, whether it's music I had anything to do with creating or otherwise.

If you happen to be that kind of person also, feel free to email (another relic from circa 2005) @ the bottom of this page. Ask about our music. Show me some cool art you made, or a good song you heard recently. Talk shit about our band if you want. I'll probably send you a lengthy paragraph rambling about some random shit you didn't even ask about.

Favourite Album Right Now: Don't Give Up, Skeleton -- Cloud District


When I was a little kid, I sprinted into a wall with a drumstick protruding from my mouth. It was probably 1999. Blood poured out onto my shirt, the ambulance came. My mom was crying. I don't know why, but after that, I realized I wanted to be a musician. It's not like I immediately started playing guitar and listening to Led Zeppelin after that. But I can really trace back my intense passion for music to that exact point at 4 years old. Like a seed had been planted.

Favourite Album Right Now: Capacity - Big Thief


Whattttuppppp I’m Nick, I play bass and sometimes do shitty vocals, just trying to push my punk agenda on this band.
I like beer, punk rock, burritos, Arcade Fire, aerosol spray cheeses, ABBA, and vine compilations. I hate talking to people. But I'll talk to you if you're nice.
Cristian and Beni have taught me all the useful shit I know.

Favourite Album Right Now: Morbid Stuff ~~ PUP

Photos by: Raunie Baker, Andrew Baffa, Preet Hundal 

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