Sleepy Gonzales

Described as “Musical ADHD,” Sleepy Gonzales is an eclectic indie rock group from Surrey BC who are difficult to put into a specific genre. The half-Mexican twin brothers Cristian (guitar and vocals) and Beni (drums and vocals), write and engineer the sound of Sleepy Gonzales’ love and loss. Bass guitarist and punk enthusiast Nick brings an obvious edge to the band dynamic with his 70’s gutterpunk approach to song writing.  Ally--one of the most dynamic front persons the Vancouver indie scene has to offer weaves the chaos of Sleepy Gonzales into strong hook-filled melodies. Ally has incredible range and versatility and can break your heart with haunting old soul vibes or hit you in the face with a hurricane punch. Vancouver photojournalist and videographer Raunie May Baker describes listening to Sleepy Gonzales music "like jumping out of a plane without a parachute and landing softly in your bed.”  This early in their career, Sleepy Gonzales try and avoid categorization priding themselves on their ability to lull audiences into a collective daze with languid dream pop jams, or violently shake the walls with loud uninhibited garage punk pandemonium. Their musical influences range from the likes of Velvet Underground and the Ramones to Alt-J, Phoebe Bridgers, Big Thief, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Bright Eyes, and Tame Impala. The two things all of their songs have in common are tension and honesty. Sleepy Gonzales Music is available on all streaming services. 


Sleepy Gonzales has independently released three projects: llover (2017), Dayna (2018), The Joy of Painting (2018), and one single "Lucky CharmZzz" (2018) as well as three new singles, Slow Apolcalypse, Sally on the Avenue, and Motorbike (2020). The Joy of Painting is homage to Bob Ross and the legalization of Marijuana (hence the release date) and might be best enjoyed under the influence.  Sleepy Gonzales has an LP to be released in December 2020. 

mellowtrauma, Sleepy Gonzales’ latest release and their first since signing with Light Organ records in August of 2019, is a self-produced five-song EP.  mellowtrauma was described in American Pancake as music that reflects the “painful sadness of youth”.  Indie Midlands wrote about the first track on the EP, abandoned amusement park:  “The sadness in the vocals of singer Allyson Lowry almost makes you want to reach out to hug her and tell her everything will be ok. Inside the melancholy though there is a gorgeous song. The acoustic guitar helps to keep the track raw and delicate.”  Refusing to be categorized, Sleepy Gonzales’ fierce protection of their freedom to cross genres when writing music was recognized in an EarMilk review:  This “punk rock band is a multi-talented group that has their foot in multiple genres. They masterfully create an acoustic ballad that will leave listeners entranced.”


Sleepy Gonzales has seven official videos, Slow Apocalypse, Trudging Through the Afternoons (2017), Fossils (2017), Wait So Long (2018) and Lucky CharmZzz. We have two recent video projects, llover and IFHY both shot in California in the spring of 2018. All official videos are available on their YouTube Channel.

Performance Hightlights

In 2018 Sleepy Gonzales had one of their songs voted into the top 25 in the nation-wide Canada Searchlight contest. They won the Play Surrey Live competition and were chosen as the top band in the 2018 Shamrock Music Festival.  The band performed at the 2018 Surrey Fusion Festival and also appeared at the 2018 Khatsalano Music Festival where their performance was recognized as a “stand out” performance. For the past two years Sleepy Gonzales has hosted a stage at Commercial Car Free day and was a feature performer on the Snug Concert Series in September 2018. Sleepy Gonzales made the finals in the 2018 Roxy Launch Project, Best in Vancouver and Shindig band competitions.  Their song Naoko from the album Dayna was licensed to the American film Go Back to China.  In January of 2019 Sleepy Gonzales was a main stage performer at the Big Winter Classic in Calgary, where they shared the stage with the Coathangers, Shannon and the Clams, the Courtneys, and Little Destroyer.



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