1. Naoko

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We wonder if Haruki Murakami would like this one, being that the lyrics exclusively reference the characters and events of his 1987 fiction novel "Norwegian Wood." He mostly writes about Classical, Jazz, and the Beatles, though, so we have our doubts.


oh Midori
where’d you run away this time?
i swore it was a joke before but
now you’re gone and
won’t return my calls
i’m gonna look for the girl with the purple eyes
so we can disappear along a
magic mountainside

oh Naoko
blind and sleeping under willow trees
she spent an adolescence in a corner
crying dog got kicked one time too much
and in the summer sitting still
still shivering as if the air she breathed
was a Norwegian winter wind

we watched a fire start
the last time that you played
that little red guitar
and sang you’d weave a long beautiful scarf
but you have no thread
a poem but you have no pen
you have nothing left to give
out of luck we locked out listless lips

just want to walk away from this

we were seventeen
the last time that you wrote a shitty melody
and said we had a long amazing
life ahead of us
but now we’re dead to us
another dozen years too late

i smile because it’s just so strange