1. Monday Blues

From the recording Dayna EP

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Monday Blues

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Cristian likes to pretend his cushy life was ever difficult so he wrote this song about hating his job as a delivery driver -- shout out to Wilfred who was always nice to him on deliveries even though he looked like he hated life passionately


it's alright
but it's just not the same
there's a river full of boredom flowing steady through my veins
the alarms are sounding off before the sun opens her eyes
then you work yourself into an early grave
the one you lie in wide awake

every time you try to fall asleep

this party is dead
and i wish i never came
even alcohol won't make these people interesting
now i'm stranded on an airplane that's falling from the sky
it's a shame how a life will go to waste

i want a weekend every day

goodbye my monday blues
the working class is so depressed and its all because of you
one day i'll make some money
you won't see me anymore
because i'll pay you all to just leave me alone



goodbye my monday blues
i've been growing sick of clocking in to your soul sucking tomb
one day i'll make some money
you won't need me anymore
because I'll pay you all
to just leave me alone