1. Kisser

From the recording llover

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Cristian wrote this about, well, you know when you like a book so much and you're almost finished reading it and you get really sad like you're saying goodbye to a close friend?

you can also hear a hyena laughing at the very beginning of the song


kiss her in the morning
so that nothing changes
when you walk out of the room

why you gotta leave so soon?

waving in the driveway
with a bottle of wine
for a drunken afternoon

what the hell am I supposed to do?

when the spine begins to thin
embrace that bitter end

kiss her in the evening
when you’re barely conscious
as the flatline starts to beep

i die with every silence in between

now i’m flying like a bird
with a broken wing
for the comfort of the south

but i barely made it off the ground

sometimes you leave
but you don’t come back
the same

would you turn another page
if you knew you’d go insane?