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you should just go do whatever you want because youthfulness is fleeting and we're all going to grow old and die alone


slide like silver sand that fills
all the space behind your breath

dancing by the windowsill
like the dust above our beds

love is just a summer sea in drowning me

we catch each other’s colds
in a bed of snow

if i lie still enough
someone might peel me up
between the pages of a book

still got me shivering
your lips and fingertips
but this was written far to well to end
in anything except
a phone call on a rainy day

lovers on a winding road
stopped to help a baby bird

cradled on the shoulder
they were closer than they ever were

sometimes i try to laugh
but ever since the crash
it’s a pill that i can’t pass
because i don’t know why
but it was you and
who were the lovers
getting hosed off of the road that Saturday

kissing you reminds me that someday i’ll die

when we melted in each other’s arms I didn’t mind