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Trudging Through The Afternoons

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reminiscing about old high school flings and wondering if they still work at Pricemart


when you’re trudging through
the afternoons that drag like anchors
on the ocean floor
do I cross you mind?

I can see you there
with your tangled hair as you
fill me up with that empty stare
that turned boys to dust

well I remember you chasing planes
as they flew above our heads
i watched you fall in love
with people you never met

that’s when i felt the distance grow
before you packed your things and left
like i was loving you from behind
a barb wire fence

you were so good at settling the storm
that’s always raging in my head
how the clouds of thunder rolled away
with every word you said

do you drive all night
soaked in silver light
on a twisting road
thinking life’s a great big maze
you won’t escape?

when the sleeping pills
make your body still
sing you lullabies
like I used to do my love
is it the same?
does it matter either way?

well i remember the foreign maps
that you pinned above your bed
you swore you felt at home
in places you’ve never been

that’s when i felt you disappear
before you packed your things and left
like i was loving you in a fading photograph

you were so good at pulling me apart
until you couldn’t patch me up again
feels like each time i looked into your eyes
a part of me didn’t make it back