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Things That I Am Not

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you ever feel guilty because other people have more hardships than you but you're still weak and pathetic?

well, that probably just means you're not a sociopath. If you're not a sociopath, you're probably pretty cool. keep doing your thing


am I worth anything?
Well that depends on who you ask
lover put me on a shelf
stuck a pricetag on my head
lover put me on a shelf
and I’ll stay there ‘til I’m


don’t you fall in love
with all the things that I am not
i’ll be your cardiac arrest
that just hasn’t happened yet

feeling like a puppet
with your hands inside of me
if I had to bet some $$$
a bet's all I’ll ever be

there’s a candle flame
sitting in the pouring rain
i met a dying child
who had a bigger brighter smile
there’s a homeless man
on the median
i hear a robin sing
through a hurricane
when the sun descends
it rises up again
why can’t i get out of bed
without the help of my mother
and expensive kick-ass meds

baby in a basket
floating down a steady stream
if I could be anybody
that’s who i’d want to be