From the recording Another Sunday Mourning

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Blood Red Sunset

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probably the best song any of us have ever written


l have to make a plan
to ditch this town again
who knows if leaving
would ever set you free?

l thought of asking her
to be my passenger
it gets so lonely
that l might disappear

l’ve got to go tonight
my breathing isn’t right
the air they crank out
of this factory

protests are being sung
from deep within my lungs
l keep on choking
on a smoker’s crowskin melody

l will rise and set
my calling is east
but my bed’s to the west
l have circled the world by dawn
with nothing to show
but the hands of a clock
and this fistful of my regrets
and a red sunset

you don’t deserve the food
that l’ve been buying you
those purple bruises
are my passionfruit

my shadow follows me
my conscience hollows me
the dark horizon
that everlasting gloom

l made a planet
full of inhabitants
it was an accident
but no one knows the truth

so people walk around
touch and divide the ground
wish l could turn it all
into some endless open drowning blue

l will rise and set
my calling is east
but my bed’s to the west
in this valley of dying stars
got nothing to show
but my head full of straw
but what else could you all expect
from a red sunset?

hear all those little rats
walk through the cactus land
scratching the broken glass
another seven-second-sunday mass

but l will rise and set
my calling is east but my bed's to the west
Every night l burn through a new casket
Every day l’m reborn
just a little more dead
this is the way that the world ends
with a blood red sunset

l’ll kill myself tonight
and then the sun will rise
and all the plants will grow
l just might hear them laugh
as they take root inside my hollow bones
like they always have
like they always have and always will