1. Riverbed

From the recording Another Sunday Mourning

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you can hear the rain hitting the windows of Cristian's bedroom skylights where all these early songs were recorded on a single $150 Yeti Microphone


l’ll put on your shoes
so you don’t have to walk
got no time to lose
l’ve been giving away it all
to you

darling you’re my girl
and that don’t mean a thing
l’ve always been your man
and that means every single thing
to me

there is nothing left
baby it don’t feel right
would you step all over me
just to see if l’d apologize
and l do

you know l always do

because l’ll chase my lover down the street
to where the water goes
to where the bodies meet
and l’ll chase my lover down the road
l’ll scrape the pavement down to stone
with my knees

and every time l breathe
l start to wonder if
l’m tasting air that’s been
between your lips
it’s like a gift you give
that l’m so grateful to receive

and when you go to sleep
l’ll stay awake to check
that there’s no monsters
underneath your bed
and your silhouette
softly shaking between the sheets

and l’ll chase my lover down the road
to where the water goes
to where nobody knows
and your footprints are my second home
like a story that you told
just for me

cut me up
pour me out
tear me down
and call it love

l fell asleep with you
down on the riverbed
and l woke up
and you already left

l found you down the stream
facing away from me
the coldest shoulders
l had ever seen

it’s a shame
it had to end this way