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Sunday Mourning (Early Version)

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There's a fucking trumpet in this one okay what else do you want


You'll never be alive just like you are today
And you'll never miss the way your mother kisses you
On a sunny day
ln the afternoon

And l sink into the soil like a puzzle piece
And l'm stuck under the mud until the thunderstorm
Finally swallows me
Leaves us all alone

And l sit upon a cliff out by the endless blue
And l looked out at the ocean and I said
"One day, l'll be a part of you"
Just hear that tidal wave

But for now it's just a cloudy Sunday morning
And all the rain and tears are pouring
On the soil

lt's overwhelming, the seas unbroken swelling
The undertow is melting
Everything into nothing
There's not a place l've wanted to return
No bridge l haven't burned
No lesson that l've ever learned
Just yet

I packed my life into a box and drove away from you
But then suddenly the world looked so beautiful
From the rearview
It wasn't there before

Now l'm standing on an overpass so dimly lit
Do you ever wish that death could drive a limousine
And help you out of this?
Do I just have to plead?

Life is a question, and l don't want the answer
The only thing l've gathered
Are pictures in a broken frame
There's not a day l ever truly wanted
To last a little longer
Someone's pouring water
In my veins

It's gonna drown away my flame

Do you remember when the world was a cardboard house?
Now they're sitting on the curb all getting soaking wet

They're full of emptiness
We're full of emptiness