1. Izumi's Song

From the recording Another Sunday Mourning

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Izumi's Song

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there are people out there who can make you feel like you're a character in a really good book. if you've ever found one, you should consider yourself very lucky, even if they destroyed you


it started by the waterfall under rainy skies
we tried to smoke a pack of hopes but they wouldn't light


we swam along the shallow pond with our school clothes on
Izumi found a wedding ring made of solid gold

we pretended it was ours, we pretended it was ours

now we're underneath a willow in the summer breeze
her black hole eyes slow down time as they gather me

well i wish i could say that this is where it ends
it was the first and final day that i remember being happy as a bird
flying in the sky


and your mother just abandoned us before we woke up
and i'm only sure that she's gone for good
because she left a note for us
i feel my skin in the place she kissed my sleeping head
the only words i heard her whisper were
'i did my best'

i thought it was a dream, i thought it was a dream

my father's in his chair and hasn't moved for days
just smoking every moment like a factory

Izumi please

take care of me