1. Steady
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Steady, hands are strangling the steering wheel
Could you turn it around and take us someplace better?
Burning rubber on the same old roads
With the highway soaked in the half-moon heavy glow
Heavy glow
Heavy glow

Steady, you’re as potent as a chemical
Like the ones I take to regulate my mood swings
Swaying steady as a metronome
They just wanna keep my time all to themselves
To themselves
To themselves

If I could take my poster bed everywhere I went
I could throw the fight at the bell
And collect all the money that I bet against myself
I would make me a killing and I’d have a place to lie down
Lie down
Lie down, down, down

Steady, serotonin in a human form
You could always hush the fusilade of gunshots
So much closer than they were before
Now the bullets are poking holes through my cellar door
Cellar door
Cellar door

If I could lift this aftertaste from my bitter brain
Let the world dissolve against my tongue
Give me aspartame for my caffeinated thoughts
The barista knows my name but spells it wrong

Every night I check myself into the hospital
‘Cause you can never be too sure
I follow all the coloured lines down the corridor
‘Til the strangers in the hall felt like family

Hold me tight, we’re spinning on a ferris wheel
All the lights below are a billion burning candles
One for every time you let me down
Disappointment comes as easy as another breath
Another breath
Another breath