1. Sleepwalking
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He flies you out to sea
writes cheques in a language you don’t speak
And gives the servitude of a soldier

We get drunk at foreign films
when he’s gone you’ve always got a little time to kill
I let you fall asleep on my shoulder

You said you’d marry him
It only took until your seventh glass of gin
I drove you home for the last time
You swear he’s a good guy

Sleepwalking down the aisle, I know
They said it wasn’t possible
Dancing even though we’re shy, I know,
It isn’t quite advisable

You carved me out of sand
And let me crumble like a castle between your hands
And told your relatives that you fixed her
The big day is coming soon,
We’re decorating up the lawn with red balloons
I want to pop them all with my scissors

My white veil protects me now
But soon you’ll tear it off and toss it on the ground
This hurts a lot more than I pictured

I want to be alone
But I can’t stand the way my flesh hungers for your bones
So do what you want to me in the moonlight
Just don’t wake me up, ‘cause I’m

Sleepwalking down the aisle, alone
It’s every girl I’ve ever known
Lying on the ocean floor, I know
It’s all I dream of anymore
It’s all I dream of anymore
It’s all I dream of anymore